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Anyone used Lio yet?


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Basically it's a city to city car service.  The car they use is maybe the Tesla Model S (at least that's the car used in pics on their web site).  Looks to be about double the cost of Amtrak (around $70 to Raleigh right now), might be more in the future, and is more if you go to  another city or want a private car(about $150 within maybe 3ish hours drive, $250 above that).    Charlotte to Raleigh seems to be their only set route, so I'd bet right now they only have 2-3 drivers and 2 cars.  They also say to contact them if you'd like to go to another city than one on their list.  I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I just never heard about them (until I saw an ad for them tonight) and thought it might be a service some of y'all might be interested in.


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