504 E. 5th | ? Feet | ~30-Stories | Planned

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Here's yet another 30-story or so tower proposal.  I posted the renderings of the historical Depot Hotel redo that is part of this project  in the Proposed Projects thread.  But thanks to TOWERS we have a little info about the tower,


According to Lynch, Allen Harrison Company is planning a high-rise of approximately 30 stories, but the tower is still in the design stage and the exact height and square footage are yet to be determined.


Here are the street level renderings of the Depot Hotel.






Towers also has a couple of massing renderings.  I suspect this project will be a hotel due to its proximity to the convention center and 6th St.




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We have some renderings of the tower now.  But they are from a marketing video.  Apparently the Houston based developer decided to sell the  site/project.




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The developer who purchased the site from the original developer has changed the project from residential/hotel to office.  I changed the thread title from "Old Depot Hotel Site" to "504 E. 5th".  According to the  Austin Business Journal, the site plan filing is "imminent".  The old Depot Hotel is a historical structure, and will have to be part of the office project as it was for the hotel/residential plans.  Also, the Capitol View Corridor (CVC) on the site will require that the office tower be built much like the visionary renderings posted above.  But it could be taller than the renderings.

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