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Thought I'd start a new thread because I'm terrible at posting pictures. I didn't want to mess up an existing thread with my mistakes. And it's so time consuming. 

But I did a little car tour of town yesterday and didn't realize I took 200 pics. I'll try to post some later when I can find any I might have missed. Lots of houses being built in Southside on both sides of Main. 

Here are a few of the ones under 7mb which is the limit for me to attach here. I'm sure there's a better way. Sorry the last pic is of one of the new dorm buildings at UTC. None of the pics I took of that one turned out well.

I don't know the names of a lot of these. Many of the buildings under construction have at least 2 photos. From my car, it was not easy to get good angles. This is in the reverse order of my tour, starting at North Shore and ending at Southside near Chattanooga Market and Findley Stadium on Chestnut. 

Will try to label them after I figure out what I'm doing.








































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Thanks for the photos, I've been meaning to take a bike ride and do the same but haven't had the opportunity lately and rarely make it out of my North Chatt bubble expcept for CFC matches at Finley or rare trips to Hixson. 

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Thanks for these and for reminding me! I've a bunch from just when I've been out around town, or from when I'm crawling between bars. I've a bunch of similarly shot photos. Let's see if I can't help you with the dev real quick with these. (Challenging myself to go off memory, so please feel free to correct)

North Shore -> starting with John Wise buildings on Cherokee, it goes to the 5 Points at North Shore by a Franklin group, if I'm not mistaken. I want to say their name starts with a B.

Next you're at Douglas Heights in MLK, then Jefferson Heights in Southside (the red bricked homes used to be Section 8, and the owner now rents out purposefully at an affordable rate- I'm talking at/around $500. I love that and him)

LandSouth off Main St looking towards Choo Choo is the new BlueBirds luxury apartments (we'll see if lives up to the hype), then John Wise's condo project he's been waiting on for a good several+ years on the corner at Rossville Blvd.

Hit the Moxy hotel at Market x King by Desai, the you're downtown at City Center looking at that older building which has been receiving more investment, renovations over the years. 

Old Krystal HQ Fletcher Bright fixed up with the Market City Center 10-story mixed use building, with an alleyway project underway. This is anchoring new development along Cherry there. Then the Westin in the City Center (refusing to call area irrelevant names by out-of-touch suburban builders).

You go along Riverfront Pkwy on the Westside, abutting the Cameron Harbor development. The apartments beside the Chatt Whiskey facility are looking GREAT, and I'm not sure if they're related to Cameron Harbor or not. The houses are the most recent phase of CH. I believe the steel beams then are the new mixed-use office building abutting Blue Goose Hollow park.

I'm not entirely sure, but the toothpick development looks to be the one next to the chicken plant off Broad towards S Broad. John Wise again, but I think partnering with someone. I want to say this is a phase.

The beautiful build next is behind TVA next to the award-winning park (and award winning businesses). Alabama developer. Tasteful, great infill, and it really impacts the area. Can see it all the way in Cowart Place and behind Clyde's. Next is (I believe again) John Wise's building on Chestnut next to Finley, which is a build-up from pre-existing 1-story brick structure. Lacking imagination and something to be desired, but kudos for the project nonetheless. Supposed to be affordable housing, too. Not PILOT affordable, but actually affordable. I remember some comment about servers and downtown service workers should be able to live there.

Then UTC!

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