5th & Lavaca Residential | Est. ~490' | 40-Stories | Planned

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The 30ish-story residential tower assembly line continues to pump them out.  This one is 40-stories and close to 500', but it's only a concept at this point.  So the finished product still has a chance to fall back in line with the apparent unwritten rule that rental towers have to be 30-stories.  Condo towers on the other hand seem to be allowed to go 40-60-stories.  Hopefully this one will be condo. :)  The source for this was CBRE.  But within the last day or two, the listing appears to have been removed.  Hopefully that means a deal was done. 




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Here's the location on Streetview.  It's adjacent to the U/C Hotel Zaza & Residences which was only two-stories up during this Google drive by.  It's now 20 or 21-stories up.   


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