Savona Mill, Lakewood Trolley, Greenway

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Community rezoning meeting was last Wednesday. Well attended and no opposition. New expected date for official rezoning with city council is February or March. Seems they've had a lot of back and forth based on traffic study.

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1 hour ago, Fred Stiening said:

Those tracks were part of the Piedmont and Northern Railroad, an electrified interurban railroad owned and operated by Duke Power.  There was a passenger station and freight Depot in the area West of Graham Street.  The underpass under the NS tracks is currently a pedestrian walkway connecting BofA stadium with parking.  The line ran to Gastonia and is being considered as one route for the possible future light rail lne to the airport.

When phase 2 of the Gold Line is finished, the replica street cars used today will be replaced by higher capacity, faster cars similar to those in use on the blue line.   That may free them up for this use.   Car 85 and the replica cars cannot be used in regular service on the blue line because they lack the centralized computer control systems and are too slow.   The tracks down by Atherton Mill where the cars were originally stored have been removed.

Thanks for the post Fred, welcome to Urban Planet!

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