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Orlando Extended Metro Developments (Volusia/Brevard/East Polk)

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On ‎10‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 3:12 PM, spenser1058 said:

Probably the most forgotten regional asset for Central Florida's economy is Port Canaveral. Despite that, it's growing apace and not just because of the cruise ship terminal.

Last year, the port had over $10 million in cargo revenue for the first time (a 6.9% increase.) Building the cargo business would be huge for the Orlando region if it continues.

Interestingly, the Brevard Zoo is still exploring the idea of an aquarium at the property which would be another addition to lengthen average stays on the Space Coast.

The article in the Sentinel also notes how far the port has come in just 65 years. It was originally created for military purposes and is on its way to becoming a full-service facility.

More cruisers, cargo push Port Canaveral to record revenue year

That last president of PC, Walsh, was really pushing cargo.  Then he insulted some constituents and had to step down.  The new guy I think put the kaibosh on a rail connection for now which is hurting cargo expansion at PC.  The $10M is great.  I think the auto terminal helped with that.  But containers haven't taken off yet...I wish they would expand the container business...

wow.  2008 revenues was $46M and 2018 revenues is over $100M.  

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JFW, I know you have The Right Stuff and were in Brevard back in the day. Are you old enough to remember the Eau Gallie-Melbourne consolidation in '69 or ever hear anyone talk about it? It doesn't seem to fit with the narratives of places like Nashville or Jax at the time, or with the Atlanta-Buckhead or NYC-Brooklyn combos.

I'm doing a paper on municipal mergers and before I go digging into Today's tombs, I'm looking for info.

Thanks for any words of wisdom!

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