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Economic Development - Expansions and Relocations


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2 hours ago, Phillydog said:

Absolutely part of the story -- but the media likes to think of itself picking "winners" and "losers" and unfortunately for us, we are rarely portrayed as a "winner" -- most of the national stories about NC are about inequality and hurricanes.  Is Austin, Texas or Nashville, Tennessee really more dynamic than the Triangle or, Charlotte (from an economic standpoint)?  Being a broken record here, NC does a bad job at self-promotion.  The film and TV industry help to change this but, alas the pro-business, stay-out-of-your-personal-life GOP, felt it was fine to drop kick that industry to the curb where it was happily gobbled up by Georgia...  Of course, it's not in the nature of native North Carolinians to be boisterous bloviators but maybe we need to be just a little bit more...

GSO news reporting 12,000 jobs created as a result of a Toyota plant.

The site in Randolph County is convenient to the Triad -- and western Triangle.  

I've been concerned for a few decades about the reliance of the state on I-85 while watching the artery become more and more congested...  The corridor between Johnston and Gaston counties is going to need some help very soon (should already be happening).  I think a bigger push for high-speed rail, given the density and number of city centers along the corridor, is the way to go.  Prefer to see growth in the corridor (as opposed to spreading out) but we need to step up our intrastate transportation projects.  

You'd think that Brightline would eventually consider this as a new route after Florida is built out.

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59 minutes ago, QCxpat said:

Today's CBJ "Toyota to bring 1,750 battery plant to North Carolina megasite" by Andy Warfield of the Triad Business Journal

Excerpt:  "The company that will this afternoon announce a more than $1 billion project at the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite has now been made public.  During this morning’s meeting of the North Carolina Department of Commerce Economic Incentives Committee, an entity headed by Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) — Toyota Battery Manufacturing Inc. — was approved to receive $338 million in Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG) funds that were included in the 2022 state budget.  Committee members were told during the meeting that North Carolina won out over nine states considered for the project, all of which offered significant economic incentives.  Toyota will invest at least $1 billion in the plant and create 1,750 new jobs at the 1,825-acre site just south of the Guilford-Randolph county line.  A plan for a second phase of expansion, if the company so chooses, would bring the total investment to more than $3 billion and result in 3,875 total jobs.  Toyota has already electrified approximately 25% of its vehicle production, committee members were told, which is only the beginning of its plans for hybrid and battery-electric vehicles.  The meeting this morning followed approval of economic incentives by the Randolph Board of County Commissioners in the form of property tax reductions over 20 years plus conveyance of property at no cost, and by the Greensboro City Council for water and sewer service installation at no cost.  "This project will anchor the entire 17-county Carolina Core region," Loren Hill, the regional economic development director for the Piedmont Triad Partnership, told the Randolph County board.  A formal announcement of the project will be held at the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite at 2 p.m. this afternoon."

Greensboro-Randolph Megasite Infrastructure | LJB Inc.

Link:  https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/12/06/toyota-named-as-megasite-occupant.html

Confession: reading the phrases “17-county Carolina Core region” and “Greensboro-Randolph Megasite” might have made me blush a bit. :tw_tounge_wink:

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23 hours ago, Phillydog said:

I've been concerned for a few decades about the reliance of the state on I-85 while watching the artery become more and more congested...

Which is why US 64 should become a freeway.  I-685 will also help relieve congestion.

39 minutes ago, tozmervo said:

This was so close to having a Climax, NC address.




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