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Museum Apartments Progress


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1 hour ago, Helium3 said:

This has already been under construction for a while, right? BFG posted a few progress pictures in the Norfolk Pictures thread about a month ago: 



Which thread is it currently posted in? I'll transfer those posts in here and make a progress thread. What street is that located on? I don't recall seeing it in my travels.

NVM. Just saw you said it was in the pictures thread. Don't know why we never made a thread for this.

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1 minute ago, BFG said:

I remember the controversy behind this building, and the way it was rushed through the planning committee. I hope the final product looks less mundane for an arts district.

He called it his ode to Le Corbusier, so don't expect anything nice. Le Corbusier's architecture is more military barracks than anything beautiful, organic, let alone art. I do not have very high hopes.

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