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The 7-11 Thread


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Does this mean that we are no longer allowed to make off the cuff quips about 7 Eleven in other threads?

Will it be OK if we make the comment in this thread, then post the link to it in the thread where we otherwise would have just made the comment to begin with?

Things are getting complicated... :huh:

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Looks like it's not just us. Longtime St. Pete bar favorite Dave's Aqua Lounge is being demolished for.... a 7-Eleven!

This makes me wonder if Will's and Wally's are safe *sigh*


From the St. Pete Times

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Well, St Pete is the town that demolished their iconic five story upside down pyramid municipal pier in order to build this pretentious looking joke...


...so it's no surprise that a more minor piece of their local history would get tossed aside for something as common as a cookie-cutter convenience store.

As for that Dave's Lounge, it doesn't appear to have been the greatest looking building in town....


....but it beats another 7 Eleven.

They should've just built a 7 Eleven on the end of the new pier.

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5 hours ago, dcluley98 said:

Hey guys, we can have our culture and our everyday convenience retail all at the same time. Oh thank Heaven!


Florida 7-Eleven blasts opera music to ward off loiterers



But does the 7-Eleven have a world-class organ!?

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On 5/16/2018 at 11:16 PM, smileguy said:

But does the 7-Eleven have a world-class organ!?

On 5/17/2018 at 9:03 AM, JFW657 said:

Bites tongue, refuses to "go there".... :P

Well the one in Thornton Park was where all the hustlers hung out in the early 90s so there were certainly professional-class organs present. 


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14 minutes ago, JFW657 said:

BTW, in case anyone is innarrested, there's a new Seb'nalevin going up at SOBT and South St, across from OPD HQ.


Don't know if it will be the safest Seb'nalevin in town to work at due to it's proximity to the main cop shop, or if that will paint a target on the place.

But you know they'll have awesome DONUTS!

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