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area 15. the birth place of not just coffee. fond memories of that spot! 

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40 minutes ago, Cadi40 said:

Very cool, never heard of it. Has great potential.

It’s had great potential for more than a decade

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8 hours ago, archiham04 said:

^I remember walking in there and thinking... what the hell are they doing to my coffee!?!?!?  Who knew...

So I don't think folks on this forum realize that the owner of Area 15 is a small business incubator fellow.  He leases space to folks  that want to test out ideas.  The business are not intended to last very long, and this block, by design, will hopefully stay a transitional space.  It is currently ground zero for great things happening.

I used to go out there frequently. It seemed much more lively back then.

I didn't know this was his intention. That's interesting, but I did get a little annoyed at having to hunt down my favorite places.

Hope it picks back up soon.

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