The Dunean Area

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Great article on what I believe is a often overlooked part of town.  Nice sidewalks, big yards, and wide streets in a grid.  The physical infrastructure is in pretty good shape too.  I have to believe that with the new development at the end of Smythe and the resurgence of Dunean, the Allen Ave/Green Ave coridor into downtown experiences a revival as well.  There is an old cotton warehouse at the intersection of Guess/Green right before the tracks that is ripe for something (anything).  Anyone have any insight into that?  It was annexed into the city a few years ago but caught fire.  I have to figure its the last "Mill" building in city limits that hasn't been renovated.

Overall, I think Dunean and Mills Mill are the next logical neighborhoods for resurgence.


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Agreed - the Dunean area has always been special, right back to the days when the Dunean mill owner made sure the community was well taken care of.  It has carried forward to today's strong sense of community among its residents.  The village square hosts special events such as tree lighting / luminaries at Christmas.

The old cotton warehouse was planned to become The Elements West , but I haven't heard any further update.   The article says the warehouse has been on the National Register of Historic Places, so it shouldn't be torn down at least.

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