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Does anyone remember a pond with bldgs on Glenwood?

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I am trying to find a place in Raleigh that would have existed as recently as 2004, maybe sooner. But I cannot find anymore. It seems like it was on Glenwood Avenue heading North, past Crabtree, on the right. There was a pond near the road and an office complex behind it. One story office buildings. You could travel a path to the right of the pond to get to the office buildings. It always looked so quaint. Does anyone remember this?

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I think the tract he refers to is in red, and the small pond now gone is in blue. It was connected to the larger pond that's still there.

http://goodnightraleigh.com/2010/07/a-forgotten-treasure-the-raleigh-water-garden/ This may be the Raleigh Water Garden that you are thinking of. That sign at the front was a landmark for ma

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I think you're referring to a small commercial  development between Pinecrest and Ebenezer Church.  Pond was filled in, and the tract was redeveloped as apartments.

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This may be the Raleigh Water Garden that you are thinking of.

That sign at the front was a landmark for many years on Glenwood. It was demolished for new developments several years ago. Quite a loss, I think. Tiny nooks and crannies like this are what give a city character.

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      There have been several recent residential developments along New Bern/Edenton, and with the coming BRT line, redevelopment will likely accelerate in this part of Raleigh.
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      The western area of Raleigh along Blue Ridge Rd, Edwards Mill Rd, and around the PNC Arena is booming with office and residential density.

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      5 Story Apartment Complex
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