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So Trader Joe’s in Tulsa has become a once every few months trip for us … its a quick easy drive (we left Fayetteville Saturday morning around 7:00am, shopped at Trader Joe’s, loaded the Subaru with our Joe’s favorites, grabbed an early lunch and were back in Fayetteville just after noon).  Sometimes we plan a full day in Tulsa but this was just a quick trip over and back.

One thing we have noticed is the Tulsa Trader Joe’s seems to be a smaller store format with different interior layout from their other locations we have shopped at.  In the past, our trips to TJ’s were primarily when in Kansas City (and occasionally when we drive to Dallas).  So I looked it up and the Tulsa store is 9,000 sq ft and the Kansas City store is 14,000 sq ft.  A big difference …

Is anyone in the know about Trader Joe’s store format strategy?

All this said, if Trader Joe’s ever comes to NWA I hope it’s the format like their store in KC versus a condensed smaller format store that seems to be missing some of the signature TJ products.

- -

FYI for those that may be interested, we were told yesterday the Tulsa Trader Joe’s will start selling beer and wine in October.

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