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Society | 28- & 17-Story Residential [Proposed]


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7 minutes ago, dcluley98 said:

Yep. Also, I somehow mixed drilling and digging, after trying to change the terminology.  Haha. 

I hoped they were gonna dig for oil! Black gold, Texas tea.... Buddy Ebsen was from Orlando, after all.

Oh well, on with Society!

Speaking of Buddy Ebsen, if MTM and Andy Griffith rate statues, surely Buddy should get one. Maybe in Constitution Green - after all, it’s just a ‘possum run from the old Bethea-Ebsen School of Dance on Hyer.

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On 9/3/2018 at 5:37 PM, jrs2 said:

that original design was pretty cool.  you can still see some of that in Daytona off of US-1 and A1A...

It is my understanding that while they have the tenants inside FAVO (reminds me of Hannibal Lecter's "fava beans" remark...) the Church hasn't decided on how to handle the hotel fronting 50; costs for refurbishing the interiors being one major issue, etc.  

As an update on FAVO/Davis Park motel, 

Zebra Coalition Conditional Use Permit to convert a portion of the defunct Lake Davis Motel (now owned by Park Lake Presbyterian Church) into a Residential Transient Care Facility


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5 hours ago, ucfpatriot18 said:

There has been site work ongoing for the past month. They also expanded the fencing boundary towards train station. 

They also have the WB lane of Livingston closed, which I will remember eventually before choosing that route. 

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