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Society | 28- & 17-Story Residential [Proposed]


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Yeah I was pretty crushed as we had a really great plan for it. We were also going to reserve the top floor + roof for future plans of a small Soho House concept but landlord wanted to rent it out to an office tenant instead.

I'd say the space I wanted would definitely work but my dream is the old OUC building on Ivanhoe. I've had city officials bring up this idea to a few people in a meeting and I think at some point it happens and, if run properly, becomes a true gem in Orlando.
There are also 2-3 buildings in Parramore I would love to get my hands on but beyond that there isn't much available to do a large concept like this. Either the space doesn't exist or they want to keep rent around $30+ a foot and it makes the numbers much tougher.

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53 minutes ago, bqknight said:

That makes me SO SAD to hear. I want something like that for Orlando so badly. 

Market on Magnolia - though small - always seems busy. If the vendors are good, the people will come. 

Are there really no good spots DT for something like this?

Yes we do, change the function of this building to high intensity use. Perfect location.



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Whoa- you're the one always complaining about a lack of museums downtown so now you're closing the one we actually have for a food hall that can go anywhere? JFW had the spot on answer with The Exchange, which takes it back to its original purpose.

The History Center is well regarded and is even a Smithsonian-affiliated institution. The courtroom   there is unique in that it's the real deal, not a re-creation. Sorry, that dog won't hunt.

I really like Brandon's idea of using the OUC plant though.

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OUC plant is a very cool building and needs to be made into something spectacular, but it is kind of in No-man's Land up there. I don't think they would get the traffic they need for a food hall to succeed at that location. It needs to be more something that draws traffic on its own, such as another museum, IMO.  

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I know we have taken this off topic, but Brandon I suggest across the street from the History Center in the  old Central Arcade (50 N. Central). Restore that location to its original glory. Yeah, I know you love going to those bars, but Casey's, Frosty's and Swiggs are a dime a dozen downtown. What you're proposing would be epic. Use the back side (Vain) as brewery downstairs and higher end restaurant upstairs (complete with patio) and you might even get some old timers like me in there. 

A food hall is all in vogue, but I also really like the set up at Locale in St Pete- https://localegourmetmarket.com/

Let me know when you're ready to start... :)


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40 minutes ago, Dale said:

Sounds like it's getting shorter and shorter, 16,15 and 21 stories. This is what happened to its FTL X project ...




I thought the same but it’s because it sits on a 7 story garage so technically 21 is 28 and 15 is 22. I think the 16 story tower included the garage.

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4 minutes ago, DreS0803 said:

I thought the same but it’s because it sits on a 7 story garage so technically 21 is 28 and 15 is 22. I think the 16 story tower included the garage.

Would be great, if the case, and would explain why, based on comparison to BofA, the finished product looks closer to 400' than to 300'.

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