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    • By HankStrong
      Just a link to the MPB staff report.
      I combined Ph 2 tower and Ph 3 former Church Street Station re-work as it seems they are both ramping up to start.
    • By KJHburg
      Photos from today this JW Marriott hotel at Plant Riverside  is getting ready to open in November of this year.  This is a great project new construction blending with renovated old power plant all along the Savannah River. This project will include an extension of the riverwalk further towards the bridge.  

    • By tamias6
      A 400 room 24 story convention hotel proposed for Devos Place? Hmmmm I'm surprised to see something like this one sliped under the Urban Planet radar.  http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2017/04/new_400-room_hotel_proposed_at.html
    • By Scribe
      I lived in a high-rise condo uptown for a few years, when you looked out over the city, the 6-7 story mid-rise condo building had the A/C units setup in little grids all around the roof.  And same thing for our building, at the top of our building there is a rooftop terrace and if you looked over to one side you would see the A/C units lined up in nice groups of 4-6 units. The picture of the Stonewall Station apartment condo's brought this back for me (see picture below)
      When I was looking at it, each grouping almost perfectly corresponds to a footprint of a small 6-8 panel solar array.
      With commercial solar panels at 21+% efficiency, a condo tower or mid-rise building could cover all the common electrical needs with these arrays + a decent battery backup. No one can argue that it is ugly, because this would be about a 12-24 inches above the already ugly A/C units on the roof. You are still connected to the grid for backup power. (need to run some simulations) but COA (HOA for condos) costs could be tamed or even lowered based on actual design and sun exposure for a particular condo. Drawback:
      Initial cap-ex of construction is higher. lets say it is $200k for the full solar array system with 200kWh battery storage  (based on https://electrek.co/2016/11/14/tesla-powerpack-2-price/ costs) if the building has 200 units that is $1000 more at sale of the condo unit... Would love your thoughts.
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