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So I was exploring the rest of the site recently (aka. outside the Orlando sub-forum)  and found out there are these things called development maps.  I think an admin/mod has to create them, but it seems like a good way to keep track of all the projects going on in the area. We already basically have a bit of one started with Creative Village. Should we start one for the Metro as a whole?


For instance, Nashville has this: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/development-maps/nashville-development-map/

EDIT:  Slightly unrelated, but why does the main Orlando page mention an Orlando Project Database above the Coffee House that then goes to a 404 link.

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We have crane watch.   Unfortunately, it’s made by these guys:



edit:  I take that back to an extent.   While I’m still no fan of the OBJ, they’ve done a pretty good job getting this map on track.   It’s still missing some big ones like Southside and The Yard but it’s better now than when they first rolled it out.   


Id be happy to tackle something like this 

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