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NLR West of Argenta Along the Riverfront

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At this time there are three major projects for the area with one under development and the other two in the design stages. 

Smarthouse Way just west of the Broadway Bridge will be made up of a hotel, office space and 200 apartment units.

Arkopolis is the name of a 40 acre development planned by the Monde Group west of Rockwater Village.

Rockwater Village continues to develop. It contains the 264 unit Riverside at Rockwater apartment complex, the soon to be expanded Residences at Rockwater single home development(39 lots), the under construction Porches at Rockwarter single home development(15 lots) and  another single family unnamed development across the street from the Residences(80 lots). Also the development contains the Rockwater Marina and at the corner of Rockwater and Pike will be a 50 unit apartment  with plans to open in 2019.

Location of the apartment development at the southwest corner of the roundabout .


Looking forward to 2019 when the city of NLR  begins a project to redevelop Pike Avenue from this point north to Pershing by adding landscaping and making it more pedestrian friendly. 

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