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8 minutes ago, Bob Dobalina said:

Will this project obtain fund raising? What are the odds we ever see this being built?

That takes me back.  Del the Funkee Homosapien back in the day.


Odd sidenote: we had a neighbor who we kids in the neighborhood called Bob Dobalina back in the day because he looked like the suit guys in the video and his name was actually Bob something I've long since forgotten.   I think my baby sister, the coolest of us all, ( at least on the hip hop front, because I was more in the cool college music scene and my brother was a heavy metal fan) was a big Del fan and named him that.

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14 minutes ago, smileguy said:

Mr. Mennello has more to give and no heirs.  This project will undoubtedly pursue the TDT funding that has been going to other cultural institutions and I understand they are assembling a number of exhibitions including their collection alone and in collaboration with other institutions to send out for some additional earned revenue.  There will also be a substantial private ask, and likely a request from the City for park improvements, additional parking, etc.

I think OMA has gone down a couple of misguided paths with Tavistock trying to position themselves for a complete move, when they could have a project in motion in Loch Haven Park. The directors of Mennello and OMA are married, so maybe there is a bigger plan we don't know about.

Great backstory - thanks!

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21 minutes ago, sunshine said:

Hopefully a private art museum like Morse/ Perez. I can wish

Morse Sign Gallery would have me there at opening.

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