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So I think there's a genuine concern for people like me and I know others who see the green light from the top of the ramp to try to make the light only for a panhandler to almost get nailed by me because he's standing in the middle of the ramp. 

I mean I'm coming 50ish down a ramp trying to make a green light, I'm not expecting people to be standing in the middle of the ramp.

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I just saw the collapsed crane; didn't know anything about it.  came here to post but, dang, Bressler had a live capture of the collapse.  Wow. 

You can see the mangled red crashed portion nestled in the top levels of the garage still.  I would venture to say that this will delay the completion of the garage quite a while.  I wouldn't be surprised if the tower's exterior gets done before the garage.

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7 minutes ago, uncreativeusername said:

Amazing shot!

(Although I am as confused by this photo as I was a year or so back by the shot of that plane at OIA with the skyline behind it, hahaha - perspective issues. Is that Advent? Where is Ivanhoe Village, lol...behind the Courthouse?)


yeah, to the right behind the courthouse.  it is really zoomed in. physical zoom.  I had to pull out the hardware.  the sacrifices I make for this forum...

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6 minutes ago, uncreativeusername said:

Worth it ;)

actually, in all fairness, without leaving anyone out, the one that has risked life and limb the most is IAm Floridaborn.  Some of those highway shots had to have been extremely dangerous.  

I tried one on the Society building during a WB I-4 drive by attempt, and... I had to abort...before something bad happened...

...but I will try again...

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