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Breaking News...Live Aid Sequel in Philly

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Here is the story on the cover of the

Sunday, Philadelphia Inquirer.

I think it could attract more than 500,000

people.  The largest crowd on the Parkway

was set by Pope John Paul in his outdoor Mass.

1.1 million people.

Live 8 from Associated Press


That will be a crazy weekend. They were already estimating 1 million people on the Parkway July 4, for Elton John, Patti Labelle and the fireworks show. Throw this into the mix for July 2 and thats a chamber of commerce dream come true. I don't know how they pulled this off NYC, Washington, SF and LA all made bids for Live 8 from what I have heard.

From listening to local radio all the groups who played the original live aid will be asked back.

Among others , bands that weren't around back then who have been asked to play in Philly are:

Foo Fighters

Dave Matthews


Sarah McLachlin

3 Doors Down


Also expect Springsteen,Stones,CS+N,Elton John,Bon Jovi

Good for Philly, which doesn't get a whole lot of respect worldwide.

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Wow very cool. Nice to see they are continuing the great tradition of the original one. ;)

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I wonder how city planners prepare for these giant events.

Mayor Street said they expect more than 1 million on the parkway.

Think of the urban logistics.

Although the fireworks and other concerts have attracted those

kind of crowds what makes this different is that tons of kids

from all over the country will flock to Philly, just to be here.

It will be a free ticketed event, but you know kids will still come

even if they don't have a ticket.

And how do you cut off the Parkway, it is so long and people live

on both sides of it in highrises.

What a weekend in the city...here is the official site of the week

long events.

America's Birthplace Events

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