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Three Thirty Three, 5 story, 69,000 sq. ft. office/11,000 sq. ft. retail, 11th Ave. South & Pine, The Gulch


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On 7/25/2020 at 9:36 AM, markhollin said:

There is a smaller front water feature along the 11th Ave. North sidewalk

Three Thirty Three, July 25, 2020, 3.jpg

Looking SW from 11th AVe. North, 1/2 block south of Laurel St:

Three Thirty Three, July 25, 2020, 6.jpg

Was the large oak at the front of the plaza already there or was it transplanted there?     It would have been tough to transplant such a large tree in the middle of a Nashville summer.     

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    • By markhollin
      This is a massive development taking up 7.16 acres of the 11 acres that the Jim Reed family has owned since 1930. The lot is approximately twice the size of Broadwest and 2/3 the size of  Nashville Yards.  The developer is unknown, but may involve the Reed family. This info came forth in Water and Sewer Availability documents submitted to Metro Water.

      Here's what is being planned:

      -1,500,000 sq. ft. of office space (my guess is 2 towers of 30 stories each)
      - 800 residential units (my guess is two towers of  30 stories each)
      - 350 room hotel (my guess around 20 stories)
      - 150,000 sq. ft. of retail
      - 1,334 seats worth of restaurant space
      - Retaining the 1920s-era former brick Coca Cola plant that was turned into the Reed Chevrolet showroom/warehouse (2 stories, 159,000 sq. ft.)  in the 70s at the SE corner of Church and 16th Ave. North.  Yay!  

      - Not listed, but most assuredly part of the plan would probably be at least 3,000 parking spaces  (even larger than the 7 level underground space at Broadwest.

      My guess is this will be in the  $1 billion cost range.

      More behind the NBJ paywall here:


      And behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      This screen snot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in gray at the center of the frame:

      This is the 1920s-era Coca Cola Plant was bought by Jim Reed Chevrolet and used as a showroom/warehouse (2 stories, 159,000 sq. ft.)  starting in the 70s.  It will be repurposed as part of the development):

    • By markhollin
      This is a re-configuring of a project that was supposedly going to be done by Hensler, but now will be the same Austin-based Endeavor group that is also doing the 26 story residential/office/Whole Foods on Broadway and 12th Ave. South.

      Here is the Tennessean article on the new proposal that will include a 28 story hotel, 28 story residential, and 21 story office:

      Here are the notes from the original concept (along with original renderings).  New renderings on page 2 of this thread on July 26, 2017.

       LA_TN and TheATX did some good snooping and found info online regarding Ray Hensler's proposed mixed-us project on what is commonly referred to as the Deja Vu site (although there are several more properties involved with the nearly full square block). 

      This 1 million square foot mixed-use development encompasses 2.7 acres at the periphery of downtown Nashville in the north Gulch area (see map below) encompassed by Demonbreun on the south, 13th Ave. South/I-40/65 on the west, McGavock on the north, and 12th Ave. South on the east.
      - Phase I will include a 290,000 square foot, 20-story office building with retail uses at the ground level and structured parking above- and below-grade.
      - Phase II will add a 260,000 square foot, 250-room hotel and a 170,000 square foot, 75-unit condo tower to the site.
      - Phase III will add 290,000 square feet of residential in a 25-story, 245-unit tower.
      The complex topography, neighboring buildings and adjacent infrastructure all influenced the master planning and architecture of the project, along with Nashville's form-based code.

      The renderings show structures of 34, 24, and 20 stories...so they don't match up with the Phase I, II, and II mentioned above.
      Here are some older articles of speculation on Hensler's plans and the sale of the properties:



      Here are some renderings of the original Hensler-led proposal which has now been eclipsed. Renderings of the new Endeavor plans in a July 26th post on page 2 of this thread.

      Looking east from 13th Ave. South/I-40/65 and Demonbreun:

      Looking NW towards Demonbreun and 12th Ave. South:

      Looking SW from View from 12th Ave. south and McGavock:

      Looking NE toward downtown above Demonbreun:

      12th Avenue South entrance:

      The Demonbreun Street entrance:

      The development map showing the property as "Possible Condo Tower" in center of image:

    • By markhollin
      This development is large enough that it deserves it's own thread.  Lifestyle Communities will develop another great looking residential community in the Rutledge Hill area covering the better part of two blocks running along the north side of Ash Street between 2nd Ave. South and the west side of 3rd Ave. South.
      The first phase will be 11 stories tall at it's apex, but will have 3 and 7 story sections near the front entrance at 719 Third Ave. South.  There will also be two levels of parking in an underground garage. This phase covers .86 acres. Completion date is set for 

      The second phase is rumored to be 6 stories tall and will encompass about 430 apartments, and will cover about 1.44 acres between 3rd and 2nd Avenues South.  No renderings nor word yet on start date for the second stage.  

      My guess is that there will be some retail/restaurant space incorporated into at least a portion of the ground levels, as that is what Lifestyle Communities is doing with it's similar-sized development in Germantown.

      I really like the design on Phase I, and if the rest of the project reflects the same dynamic, I think this will be a very nice addition to that neighborhood. Classy stuff, just like the development they are putting together in G-Town.




    • By it's just dave
      I want to quote the Alex S. Palmer & Company:
      "The future of Nashville is under construction now. Future generations have to live with what we, as developers, create. That places a heavy responsibility on us to be excellent—to only be involved in quality developments. Alex S. Palmer & Company is totally committed to developing space that is as functional and aesthetic as we can possibly make it ... for out time and for the future."
      If Alex can wait for WES, we can too. This is from a Sept. 27, 1987 Tennessean ad I found while rummaging through some drawers. Come on, Alex, the suit fits now. Build us our buildings.

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