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Harlowe, 908 Division, 16 stories, 300 units, 411 car garage, Greystar Development


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3 hours ago, BnaBreaker said:

Who knows!  Grandpa Walton may have been into sipping an Agave starfruit cocktail while listening to Downtempo House music in the rooftop infinity pool at a luxury hotel!  

From what we now know about Grandpa Walton, he was more into technopop and dancing in dolphin shorts while sipping on Mac Nut Martinis.

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2 minutes ago, MLBrumby said:

I'm disappointed with the color of the upper section. It'd be better in a whole different color, but even with that sh_tstain orange would look much better if it were closer to the color of the brick. 

The renderings showed a color much closer to the brick hue.  We must remain patient.  

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Would be crazy expensive, but this would be amazing if they had gone with the red brick 100% over the entire building.  Would be a building that even 100 years from now would be seen as a beautiful structure in that part of the city.  It will look good with the Aluminum Composite, though (I think).

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I have seen a couple of websites (sorry, I didn't save the links) that refer to this project as 'The Harlow'! That would be an interesting name evoking a Hollywood film noir vibe. With all the brick and the Art Deco curves, it kind of looks like a Harlow.

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  • markhollin changed the title to Harlow, 908 Division, 16 stories, 300 units, 411 car garage, Greystar Development
  • dmillsphoto changed the title to Harlowe, 908 Division, 16 stories, 300 units, 411 car garage, Greystar Development

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    • By markhollin
      Northpoint Hospitality is planning two hotels at a Midtown Nashville site that could reach 15 stories and contain a combined 339 rooms. The hotel brands are known at this time.
      Building permits reveal plans for two hotels on the 1-acre site anchored at 1901 Church St.  One hotel would be on the SW corner of Church St. and 19th Ave. North.  The other will be  the NW corner of Hayes St. and 19th Ave. North.

      The permits describe one hotel with 204 rooms and a second hotel with 135 rooms, connected by a skybridge over an existing alley. The property's existing zoning allows for a building up to 15 stories. No renderings available yet.

      The three parcels are currently owned by Tim Reynolds, and he purchased them for $4.4 million  in 2015.

      The permits list a principal at the Atlanta architecture firm Lindsay Pope Brayfield & Associates as a contact for the proposed project. North Point Hospitality hired the same firm to design their 21 story Marriott Tri-Brand on KVB in SoBro.


      More behind the NBJ paywall here:



      The three parcels spread along the west side of 19th Ave. North between Church and Hayes Streets with an alley in between:

    • By MidTenn1
      Work is scheduled to begin this month (July, 2016). Some pertinent facts:
      From Metro project tracker, heights are officially 255 ft for Apartments and 188 ft for Hotel The existing house is to be demolished and rebuilt near the Marathon Motorworks complex One half block off West End and will have a significant impact on the Mid-town skyline  

      My own crude mock-up.

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