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Plainfield Ave Restaurant in the 1980s... just can't remember the name...

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Out at the corner of Jupiter and Plainfield, by what is now autosales, there used to be "The Movies at Woodland." Across the street (which was a dead-end road at the time), sat a Witmark (still empty to this day). There's a restaurant there that has been a series of fail attempts. I am trying to remember what that restaurant was, back in the 80s. Was it just a Big Boy? Or was it something else? 

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Mr Steak owned by Sheldes. Took our first child (daughter) to the one on Alpine when she was just a few weeks old, put her in her car seat in a booth . That was our Friday night outing for some time.

Out at the corner of Jupiter and Plainfield, by what is now autosales, there used to be "The Movies at Woodland." Across the street (which was a dead-end road at the time), sat a Witmark (still empty

That is awesome. I don't recall Mr. Steak, but it's likely that's what it was. I was very young at the time.

Crazy thing is, just this past week, they tore down the building (it was just a King Crawfish) and put up a coming soon sign... they're building a Car Wash there. Makes sense, with car sales right there, but I miss the Movies at North Kent and North Kent Mall.

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Wow... so... soon after you mentioned that, I did some more research Here's what I found.

Mr. Steak existed at 4095 Plainfield Ave. NE. It later became Schelde's (which is what I actually remember it being... after you mentioned that, it reminded me of that). Then it became Finley's. And then Oriental Forest, and a few other places before the building was demolished.

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