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Amway Grand Plaza Facelift

Allison Slater

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3 hours ago, wingbert said:

That Erickson crane is the bee’s knees.

Apparently there are only a few in the world and after this, it's going to the middle east.

Or maybe my source meant the one on the top of the building?


I got these from my old boss at Amway, who is a long time lurker. 



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4 hours ago, GRDadof3 said:

This article says the project is complete but I swear there are more metal panels that need to go on the lower portion yet. On the West side? 


That's the atrium, which I believe is technically a separate project? Maybe not?


The atrium area has been half redone recently while the old 70s and 80s style landscaping with concrete and rocks done that you used to see everywhere is still there. 

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The article first says the hotel is 29 stories then later says its 32. On wikipedia it says 28. Does anyone know the floor count? was is modified at some point(s)?

Also height is listed at 318' which I thought it was a little more for some reason and certainly appeared to add about a floors' worth of height in the renovation, any confirmation on that?

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