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Amelia Court at Creative Village | 5 Story Mixed-Use Residential [Under Contruction]

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Mixed Income Apartments and ground floor commercial/retail on Parcel N of the Northwest Corner of Creative Village.

256 multi-family unit, two 5-story buildings with 10,500 sq. ft. of ground floor commercial/retail use with 310 parking spaces.

Retail fronts Parramore Ave and Amelia Street.  https://ameliacourtcommercial.com/



Amelia Court 3.jpg

Pages from MPL2017-00009VAR2017-00013_Amelia-Court-SPMP-and-Parking-Variance-Staff-Report2.jpg

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According to the plan, there is no multi-level garage. There are 310 parking spaces on the ground floor only, underneath 4 stories of residential. Entrance to bottom floor parking is from the east along newly created alleyway that will be extension of Putnam. Since the building(s) have a large footprint and are only 5-stories tall, there was not a need for multiple levels. 

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4 minutes ago, Kaz said:

Compared to the neighborhood, five stories will seem large.  The eventual density of this development will change the look of downtown for better. 



This is just phase 2. Phase 2 will ad density and more people. It'll be like a downtown within a downtown if it all goes as proposed.

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49 minutes ago, IAmFloridaBorn said:

That very first photo is the corner of Amelia and Parramore

TY, that's what I thought. It is very interesting to me that they oriented this development toward Parramore as opposed to toward the center of the Creative Village. It speaks to the fact that this is actually about affordable housing for Parramore and not just gentrification/cashing in on the students that will be coming into CV. I think that is a very positive thing, and I agree that this will blend better with the existing neighborhood at its scale. 

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21 hours ago, DreS0803 said:

Good rates for a 3 bedroom

Not really.  It's a HUD place.  I also have no idea how that works.


The max a single person can make there is  ~39k including social security, wages, alimony, retirement, or basically anything.  The cheapest 1B they have is ~1k without utilities.  Someone like that brings home (at max) ~30k a year.  Of which, ~12k goes to rent and ~2.5k goes to utilities.  That doesn't include things like cell phone, car payment, gas, insurance, etc.  Can you live with the *best* you can do is 1/2 your salary going to your rent.  That's if you make like $100 less a year than the limit.  What if you  make 5k less?  What if that 1k is gone and you have take the average 1B at 1,325 a month?  That's 16k a year and ~2.5k on utilities or more. 

The max 2 people can make is ~45k which is way worse because now most of your other expenses are doubled, but your allowance only went up 15%.


I can't picture a world where you make 45k a year and spend half of it on rental housing.  I know it happens, but that's a horrible deal.

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