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Outsider - Need advice


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1 hour ago, SquatClean180 said:

I need some quick help.

I am not familiar with Grand Rapids and you all seem very in tune with new developments, design, and construction.

Who are the best local construction teams and design teams.  My company is looking at the greater GR area and i need some help!  Thanks


Hmmm, this doesn't quite pass the smell test of not being a solicitation. You're looking at the greater GR area and construction/design teams for what? 

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I am trying to find a good group to work with for an interior renovation project as we try to bring a retailer to the greater Grand Rapids area.

My broker has recommended a few groups but I am not familiar with them.  My local architects and builders haven’t done anything in michigan let alone GR, and I would like to keep it local if we can find the right building.

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I love what Integrated Architecture did on Bridge Street Market (there’s a thread all about it in this forum). Via Design does some cool stuff, and we’ve all been talking about Dixon Architects lately. lott3metz does some good modern design  

I have no affiliation with any of them. Just groups I can think of that have done projects I like. 

Hope it helps. And be sure to give us the inside scoop on who’s moving to town (when it’s appropriate) :)


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