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Looks like grumpy old City Treasurer Atkinson is getting his wish. A recent poll by CNBC.com indicates that of the 50 largest metro areas, Virginia Beach ranks dead last, #50, in areas to which millennials are flocking to. Not all older guys think like him I should add. I’m 68 and love progress/millennials.  

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I don't know what to make of that list. Is it Virginia Beach in general, or the actual market? If the former, I'm surprised Norfolk isn't on the list, given how it's shown up in a few popular cities for millennials list.

But then, I see DC ranks #18, San Diego at #40, and Philly at #48. Chicago was #31, and I know quite a few people who moved there. Even LA and NYC barely made the Top 25-30.

That said, I do think there is a salary problem here, and a lot of that comes from not enough tech jobs. Hopefully that changes with all the fiberoptic stuff being installed.

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