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Square at South End - Mixed Use Project @ West and Tryon


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1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

Saw someone with a kid playing in the dog park area not sure about that.  But great project and park otherwise.  We need 10 more little parks like this all over.





I really just love everything about this project.  The place-making.  The public-private partnership to create the park.  The mixed-use nature of it.  The hidden parking garage.  The incubation retail.  The walkable-accessibility.  The green-space.  The mid-rise building designs so as not to overpower the block too much.  Like, I really find nothing to dislike, which is tough to pull off with me.  All I ask for now is how to replicate and systematize the elements of this project all across center city Charlotte?

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39 minutes ago, TheRealClayton said:

Thats a kid park area. lol

I thought it was a dog park area with the concrete pipe tube?  

1 hour ago, jjwilli said:

There isn't a "dog park area" in this park.

really so we want to kids to crawl through concrete pipes?  I think that was dog friendly area maybe dog park was the wrong word.   Someone post this park's plan please. 


I stand corrected it is a kid area but I would not let my toddler crawl through a concrete pipe.     everytime I have walked past this area in the past dogs were playing on that pipe that is why I thought so.     This is not a kid friendly set up hit their head on a concrete pipe but we have the astroturf to save you. 

» Wilmore Centennial Park Brings Neighborhoods Together Along West Boulevard (partnersforparks.org)

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15 hours ago, Miesian Corners said:

So......are the utilities going underground, or will this look like Tryon in front of the Railyard?

Duke has been consolidating the power lines / utilities on the other side (the Railyard & Wilmore neighborhood side) of S Tyron as projects are completed in this area. I believe the same was done for this project so there is nothing to bury and it won't look like the Railyard. 

It would be great once everything is on one side that they come back through and bury the lines all the way down S Tryon. Not likely though.

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