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Triumph Hospitality Hotel, 2221 Elliston Place

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Janek "Jay" Patel and his new company, Triumph Hospitality (a division of JV Hospitality) has the land the properties at 2221 Elliston Place, and 114-118 Louis Ave. under contract, most likely for a hotel.  His other hotel properties specialize in budget brands like Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Holiday Inn, Home2Suites, and Red Roof Inn.  He goes before metro Planning Commission to seek rezoning of the property on Dec. 13th. The site is directly behind the Caterpillar HQ on West End Ave.

No word on the size of the hotel, nor renderings yet.

The sad news is that the three 3 story buildings on the site, known as the Louise Douglas Apartments, will face demolition.  They are considered eligible for National Register of Historic Places, but are not listed as such currently.  They were constructed in 1925.

More at the Nashville Post here:



Triumph Hotel, Elliston Place, Nov 5, 2018, 1.png

Triumph Hotel, Elliston Place, Nov 5, 2018, 2.png

This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the property in teal, listed as Polygon 290, in the center of the frame:

Triumph Hotel, Elliston Place, Nov 5, 2018, 3.png

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I knew someone who lived in the one at the Elliston corner. They are plain-jane inside... but of course provided a low-cost apartment option. 

Always envisioned some adaptive reuse with using the facades and joining them with a short tower of apartments in the back. Unfortunately, they're likely to fall and be replaced by a glass box for a budget hotel. Gotta admit, with all the upper end hotels in the vicinity, a budget hotel would do great there. Too bad because they add character to the whole stretch of elliston. I look over at the Hampton with its crappy architecture and sea of parking and think that's what will go there too. However, at least the trends now are to put garages under the buildings. 

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Here's a legitimate instance of a loss from the "Old Nashville." 

I wish we still had rows of old houses like you can still see in a lot of Midwestern and Northeastern cities.

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