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Rerouting of I45 downtown


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This is one of the most gigantic remakes of the downtown Houston landscape imaginable. It seems there is a huge amount of uncertainty and disagreement about how this is going to play out and I think UP is a  natural go-to forum for this. I live near the 610/290 interchange and that project began in late 2008 and is still not absolutely complete although all of the lanes and ramps are now in service. If we're talking 10 years for that project can you imagine the downtown nightmare of the I45 project? Can we start out with someone telling me where to find status info on this now?

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A much better solution, rather than rerouting IH 45! The rerouting must only be, Houston Ave becomes part of IH 45, for White Oak Bayou! Too another reroute, is to run, between Pierce and St Joseph Pkwy, which both then become feeder rds! While, everyone on the Katy Frwy eastbound end at Houston Ave going south, and go east halfway on Houston Ave! While, minor rds tunnel 45! Main rds, including Main St, overpass 45 with parallel below ground level feeder rds! Only Main and La Branch will be tlwys! Others be express rds! Too, 45 has feeder rds! While 45 Feeder Rds at this rds depress below grade level! All of the main lns depress to grade level! West Dallas tunnels 45! Allen Pkwy and Mem Dr, overpass 45! Where it's currently 6 lns becomes 8 lns! The others be 12 lns! Just, buildings along be raised above grade level, including skyscrapers! They may sit on top of 45! Too, be an underground express! Just like the tunnel frwys in Boston! Too, 45 is automated, which computer chips be embedded into the pavement for vehicles to run on joysticks! Too, 45 is hover, that magnets be drilled into the pavement for future floating vehicles! Be bike lns on sides with barriers of the feeder rds, frwy, and underground express! Bikes to be on the lns on the frwy or underground express must be gas or electric! Bike lns on the frwy, tunnel exits and entrances! While bike lns on the frwy have their own exits and entrances, which tunnel the feeder rds, which feeder rds arch a little! Too, be hoverboard lns on the outsides of feeder rds, frwy, or underground express lns, with barriers! On the frwy, the hoverboard lns tunnel the exits and entrances! The hoverboard lns on the frwy have own exits and entrances, to tunnel the feeder rds! The feeder rds, just arch a little over! 

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