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Honeywell HQ to Charlotte

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3 hours ago, CLT2014 said:

Reducing density in an office is going to do so little to stop the spread of COVID-19, it almost isn't worth the hassle. It seems like a nice thing to pat ourselves on the back, but unless people don't interact with their co-workers, there will be spread. Interaction is the very reason people benefit from being in the office. If we just build cube bubbles... what's the point of going back in the office?

1. Do you close all the conference rooms? With a 6 foot radius, a 15 person conference room now fits like 3 or 4 people. A 4 person conference room fits 1. If co-workers can't collaborate... why bring them back from working at home? Many workers, especially those that collaborate the most, spend a good amount of time in conference rooms. 

2. Do you close the break rooms and encourage employees to eat lunch alone or go outside? Do you eliminate the microwaves and common area fridge and ask people to go out to eat? 

3. Do you close all collaboration areas / open office space?

4. Do employees essentially report to the office just to spend all day on Zoom anyhow cause you can't get within 6 feet of your co-workers?

5. Are all the white boards removed? Do you remove conference phones and ask people to use their cell phone? 

All these complexities are why many large companies just stay at work from home. Bringing people back to sit in their "cube" bubble just means they have to spend time commuting to sit in isolation at work.

Then, if you aren't going to make changes to conference rooms and break rooms, et... not really sure spreading the cubes out really helps that much. Person coughs inside, droplet gets in the air, and the air conditioning system could potentially push it 20+ feet around the floor. 

I think it might be short-sighted to suggest less dense offices are merely a response to slowing COVID-19, in part because work-from-Home has been so successful.  No one is going to significantly change the layout of a major office building as a short-term bridge until COVID-19 vaccination.

My office has more people assigned to the building than there are desks available in the building. The elevators are so busy that the wait to get on a elevator can be 10-15 minutes long, as people uncomfortably pack in the elevator bay waiting their turn.  People share cubes or find somewhere like a random chair or table to set up to work.

All of this is an unnecessary breeding ground for discomfort and sharing flus/colds, and yes COVID-19 type sickness too. Since companies have been successful with WFH, why not set up schedules to reduce density?  Having an environment where WFH is more of a norm might also encourage people to stay home when they are sick rather feeling obligated to appear at office. 

Teams can still collaborate in person as long as it is planned, but without requiring sardine-like office density.  In short, I don’t think reduced density would be about six-feet of separation as much as it would be about making practical business adjustments in the wake of a changed business environment.

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2 hours ago, Hushpuppy321 said:

I wonder if the Column Issue between floors 11 & 13 was a Construction Mistake.  Looking at it closely (from OxBlue Cam) it could have been.



I hope not, but I doubt it.


I remember when Wells Fargo Tower was being built in Norfolk, VA a few years ago, there were many columns that appeared crooked or out of place and people were actually calling the city about it. They were not mistakes just the way the structure had to be designed.

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11 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

Now that the parking levels are finished notice the height of the first couple of office floors.  Still  5 or 6 more floors to go.  from Oxblue this evening. 


Wait. Only 5 or six. So this thing has how many levels of actual office space? 

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28 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

Now that the parking levels are finished notice the height of the first couple of office floors.  Still  5 or 6 more floors to go.  from Oxblue this evening. 


only one floor of office has been half poured...

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2 minutes ago, queensguy06 said:

Just gonna put this as a reminder here...

Honeywell should be significantly taller than the deck, and likewise should top out well over the height of the giant screen at BofA stadium.


This is not the current renderings. Worth noting that the building seems to have changed slightly since this rendering as well. 


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26 minutes ago, Blue_Devil said:

I mean, I hope that is for design purposes and not an ugly grey concrete cantilever. 

I just drew that in, because it sort of looks like its cantilevering out to me.

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23 hours ago, navigator319 said:

Yea 10 plus the glass atrium on top. So that’s 9 more floors to go. They only just pouring the ceiling of the first office floor.

Yeah that’s what I thought. I’m like I know this was about 10 floors not 6. 

23 hours ago, KJHburg said:

10 floors of office, ground level retail 12 levels of parking to match neighboring deck. 

Ok but it says 5 more to go when only one has been completed. That’s why I was confused. 

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2 hours ago, CharlotteWkndBuzz said:

It’s amazing this has more levels of parking than it does office floors. As an HQ, seems like Honeywell is going to run out of space sooner than later. 

Well the story I got is that Majority of Honeywell's employees aren't exactly office/administrative people, the majority of their business does not occur in a corporate environment. I would imagine that they do build a second tower uptown at some point, but it'll be a few years out.

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