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Orange & Robinson Apartments | 10-story residential [Proposed]

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13 hours ago, gibby said:

Very cool that you took the time to do this.  I'd normally completely agree with the objection you had but the commercial does cover 50% of the frontage and the amenities area is basically an active use.  I'm not sure which corner of the building would be better for the apartment entrance.  I think either one will work fine.  I'm more bummed about the garage on the back street.  They've made zero attempt to make that look nice.  Did they discuss that at all today?

The ARB was there and commented that, yes, they are still actively working to make the garage acceptable.

Personally, State Ln is, well, a lane. It's facing a chiller plant.  I really don't care what the garage looks like.  Alleys like that are where garages are meant to go.

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Agreed.  They should push it to the NW corner of the property as much as possible and have the "pretty" sides facing south and east.  The garage can face State Ln and the atm parking lot.

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