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Orange & Robinson Apartments | 11-story residential [Under Construction]


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On 8/24/2020 at 1:44 AM, IAmFloridaBorn said:




On 10/14/2020 at 8:51 PM, orange87 said:

This needs a visor in a big way.

You know this project's bad when you're questioning whether it's better than a vacant lot.

D'awwww,  I think the teeny tiny visor is cute!  Hopefully it will grow up big and strong like the other visors.

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18 hours ago, orange87 said:

I can't figure out if this has retail or not. Someone told me it did, but when I skimmed through this thread it looks like people were saying there is only one retail space on the entire ground floor. Which is correct?

I’m sure Thomas Chatmon has talked to the developer about the requisite 7-Eleven since that corner doesn’t have one and we’ll be down one now that OLT is getting close to their goal for Eola’s western gateway.

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Looks like every other parking garage in town.   They all look like prisons, especially from the back.  But then again, who'd want an apartment facing the massive chillers.   Lets see how the apartment units look from the front when they're finished, with color, windows, balcony rails, etc..  I wasn't so impressed with lake house early on, but now with all the trim and color,  I'm alright with it.

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I really like the Lake House . 

I am not really impressed by the aesthetic design of this building, particularly the boxy nature and garage side that faces I-4 , and the lack of GF activation.

I  am still impriseed by FinFrock  ability to find actionable developers and speed to market with their pre-fab system. 

The results are there. . . 

WAY better than a 4-story stick-built, um, excuse. 

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33 minutes ago, codypet said:


Sidenote, whatever happened to the Postcards at Camden Orange Court?

They were sunbleached to death.  If I'm not mistaken, the city of Orlando parking garage art requirements were updated to require the art has significant longevity and I think those postcards may have played a big part in that.

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  • Neo changed the title to Orange & Robinson Apartments | 11-story residential [Under Construction]

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