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Durham Midtown

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Didn't see a thread for this.   This could be another catalyst project for Durham and transformative for north Durham and even southern Granville.

Discussion about how Northgate redevelops...  Ideas, concepts, rumors, plans...



I love ULI -- 



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I hope that if/when Northgate redevelops it:

Improves pedestrian/bike connection to surrounding residential neighborhoods

Contains signature architecture and public spaces

Includes a vertically-integrated mixture of uses, including work, live, retail/commercial and entertainment


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I'd love to see a town square like some of the examples in that ULI brochure. I also agree about the connections with surrounding areas. Ideally almost all the parking would be in decks and they'd add some kind of housing, either townhomes or apartments. I think the people in the surrounding communities are probably right to be concerned about gentrification, but that seems inevitable no matter what happens at Northgate. 

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FWIW, Northwood Ravin redeveloped Carolina Square (Granville Towers) in downtown Chapel Hill and Waverly Place in Cary.

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