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Station District Towers (two 31 story residential, two 34 story residential/hotel, and 5 other future phases), Sept, 2019 start

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Zach Liff's DZL Management along with partner developer Draper &  Kramer have unveiled ambitious plans for the Cummins Station area properties that cover 13 acres, most of which are surface lots s

I'm excited about the pedestrian bridge having absolutely no railings. 

MDHA has OK'd the concept plan and exterior designs for the garage portion (1,032 spaces) on the former Clement Landport site (west side of Cummins Station, facing Demonbreun Viaduct on the north), as

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10 minutes ago, NashRugger said:

I can hear the beotching and moaning from Icon owners and such about their skyline views. 

That said, phenomenal and very good development showing things are becoming more intense for density. 

Would they have much of a leg to stand on? Are these within the zoning height limits already? 

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Just cogitating a moment on this and other newly announced residential towers; notwithstanding the zoning restrictions at various spots around town, I wonder if, say, the developers of 901 Lea would consider going taller to distinguish their building from these. As things would go (according to plans) the 901 Lea would rise just a bit higher than the tallest of the Station District buildings. 

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    • By smeagolsfree
      This is mystery tower number two I have know about for a while as well.
      300 Plus Units
      316 Feet Tall
      Developer: Scenic Investments

      More at Nashville Post here:


      More behind the NBJ paywall here:
      Project team
      Smith Gee Studio (architect) Barge Cauthen & Associates (civil engineer) Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. (traffic engineer) From what I gathered on the original water sewer document, the plan was for 327 units.  

      I happen to know there are more tower announcements to come. This one is marked as Unknown Development which is now known.

    • By markhollin
      This complex will be on the full city block with the address of 151 First Avenue South.  It will be bordered on the east by First Avenue, on the north by the McGavock/Siegenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, on the west by Second Avenue (which will serve as the primary entrance), and on the south by Demonbreun Street. Currently the land is occupied by theMarket Street Apartments and a surface lot. In the proposed layout, the entire block will be covered with a 7-story pedestal that will include a massive parking garage, restaurants, clubs, and other retail. A U-shaped trio of towers will sit on top of that. The south tower will be the tallest at about 40 additional stories (according to the initial renderings) and projected height of 485 feet. The north tower looks to be 35 additional stories and about 400 feet. The west connector appears to be about 9 additional stories, and about 190 feet. It would appear that an amenities deck of some sort (pool, recreation, outdoor dining, etc.) will be located on the roof of the primary pedestal (around 80 feet above the street) and surround by the U-shaped three towers. It is initially unclear which elements will be in which buildings: 225-room 5-star-rated hotel,  220 luxury apartments, and 200 high-end condos. 

      The $325 million project is being undertaken by Second Avenue Partners, which is a group of investors made up of Northern Capital (from Grand Rapids, MI) and The Congress Group (from Boston, MA). No dates have been set yet on ground-breaking or completion.




    • By markhollin
      A massive 14.5 acre mixed-use project to be called Skyline East will populate the western edge of McFerrin Park, facing Dickerson Pike (where it parallels I-24) at Joseph Avenue.  It could involved numerous 6 to 15 story structures, 1,400 residential units, and 500,000 sq. ft. of commercial/office space, as well as parking decks.  This will be the largest project of its kind in East Nashville. No renderings as of yet.

      Currently there are 212 apartments and townhomes on the site (some of them Section 8 Housing).

      The technical addresses include 301 North 2nd St., 651 and 660 Joseph Ave. Riverchase bought the 3 parcels that make up the site in 2017 for $1.2 million.
      “Riverchase Holdings LLC is excited to be part of the planning and revitalization of the Dickerson Pike corridor and East Nashville community," said Scott Morton, an associate at that firm. "The 15-acre site is located at the 'gateway' to Dickerson Pike and is well positioned to set the tone for quality redevelopment on the corridor."
      Morton said the group has participated in ongoing workshops Metro's Planning Department is hosting to create concensus on what future development should look like along Dickerson Pike. Metro's Planning Commission could adopt a final plan this summer at their June 13 meetings
      Morton said the Skyline East proposal "is consistent with the theme and intent of community recommendations."

      More behind the NBJ paywall here:


      And the Nashville Post paywall here:


      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the project site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

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