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Station District Towers (two 31 story residential, two 34 story residential/hotel, and 5 other future phases), Sept, 2019 start


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10 minutes ago, NashRugger said:

I can hear the beotching and moaning from Icon owners and such about their skyline views. 

That said, phenomenal and very good development showing things are becoming more intense for density. 

Would they have much of a leg to stand on? Are these within the zoning height limits already? 

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Just cogitating a moment on this and other newly announced residential towers; notwithstanding the zoning restrictions at various spots around town, I wonder if, say, the developers of 901 Lea would consider going taller to distinguish their building from these. As things would go (according to plans) the 901 Lea would rise just a bit higher than the tallest of the Station District buildings. 

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