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Western Cities are going vertical to deal with population increases.

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Washington Post article about the growing skylines in Western Cities.  Western cities like Denver are building much taller buildings to deal with huge increases in populations. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/national/western-cities-changing-skylines/?utm_term=.99faa58e3190


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As they should. It would take less plot to house many people. It seems very practical and reasonable at this point.

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What are the environmental consequences for building vertically? How are developers going to bypass all the local zoning laws that fight against this? Also, crowding people in cramped skyscrapers don't seem to be something I'd like to see. Just look at the situations in China and Singapore. Newer families are forced to live in condoniums and other means of shared housing and don't seem to happy about it. Why not improve transportation and build more houses further from the city?

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