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Truist - New HQ (BB&T-SunTrust Merger)

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Personally, I refer to NYC as "Tryon Street North" 

Take a look at the comment section of the petition

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I don’t mind the lighting. I feel that it would be super effective just to light up the top, as opposed to doing the sides of the building. I don’t think this building has the design for a lit up outline like Duke Energy. What I’m worried about is the signage messing with the overall aesthetic of the building. I guess we will see. 

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12 hours ago, turbocraig said:

I have to say that I really like this update.  It doesn't change the building during the daytime when you can actually see the architecture (forthcoming Truist signage notwithstanding), but at night this building didn't have a worthy lighting scheme at all.  This should have been a prominent piece of the nighttime skyline and it just never was.  They never uplit the corner flares, which would have been first on my list, the old crown lighting was installed slightly asymmetrically since day one, and the only wall wash lighting was on the lowest parking deck levels.  It's almost as if BofA intentionally dumbed down the lighting scheme so this building didn't steal too much attention from the Corporate Center.  At least the new outlined lighting scheme capitalizes on the building's unique proportions so they can be appreciated both day and night.  I'll reserve final judgement till they stop the testing and settle on a (probably) more subtle and subdued nightly lighting scheme, but I think this is a sorely needed upgrade for this building.  My two pennies.

I totally agree with this statement.  Lighting scheme looks great!  Not too excited about Truist letters though...

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On 11/13/2020 at 6:26 PM, turbocraig said:

They’re testing the LEDs on the west side.  It’s a fireworks theme.  Lights up the side, wave of stripes, then disintegrating sparkles.  I didn’t realize it was going to be that advanced.  


Its a solid light pink now.  Looks great. 

Any other pics? I passed right by it with a full view from 277 and it was INCREDIBLE (though unavoidably a very Times Square-esque vibe). But I couldn't get a pic while driving. Very very stunning in person, especially because Hearst has no other towers blocking it from the bottom-up.

I did manage to get one from my back yard:



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