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Truist - New HQ (BB&T-SunTrust Merger)

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Take a look at the comment section of the petition

Personally, I refer to NYC as "Tryon Street North" 

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5 minutes ago, RugbyPike#11 said:

They’re converting the old Hearst Tower trading floor into tech cubicles instead of using the trading floor as a trading floor?

Truist Securities is based out of Atlanta (with no plans to change that) so minimal need for trading space in Charlotte. A quick search of the 849 people that list Truist Securities as their employer on LinkedIn show 440 based in Atlanta, 124 in New York, 49 in Charlotte, and the rest in smaller Truist locations. You don't need that massive trading space in Hearst for ~50 people so makes sense to re-purpose it as the tech and innovation center. 

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17 hours ago, CLT704 said:

From the Biz Journal: CEO Kelly King on the next steps for Truist's rise to prominence in Charlotte


What about the technology and innovation hub here?

It’s underway. It’s under construction right down below me. ... I sent out a note to our construction/real estate guy to get an idea about when it’s expected to open. He won’t let me nail this down, so I’m going to say late summer, early fall. It’s going to be awesome. ... It’s going to be the talk of the industry. It’s two floors in this building. It’s on (an) iconic floor, which was the old original Bank of America trading floor.


So much for building a new tower across the street. :tw_heartbreak:

I heard from a reliable source a technology tower is still in the future works but they needed something fairly quickly and it would take 2 years maybe or longer to build a separate tower. 

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