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Architectural Renderings

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As you may know, I have an interest in graphics and use renderings in my 'cards' that present information about pending and rising projects in a compact and concise manner. I use Power Point which is a powerful and useful illustration device once you learn all its capabilities.

So, having degrees in art and engineering, I tend to evaluate architectural renderings in the following ways:

  • Detail: Are the primary, attractive elements presented in an informative way. Can you gain an understanding of the details regarding access, cladding, landscaping, etc.
  • Establishment:  (how it fits into the surroundings) Movie makers always begin a scene with an establishment shot where they show the environment in which the next scene begins. Some of the renderings package should deal with this.
  • Setting; Is the building rendering plopped down in a badly presented Google Earth map? This happens a lot.
  • Appeal; Does the rendering as a picture have an appeal to the eye. Are there elements such as sunsets, or film noir effects? Is it artistic? And are the colors and contrasts rendered in a way to present a little drama.
  • Perspective; Not only does the building need to be in scale with its neighborhood, is the view whether aerial or street view the best way to display your product.

So with these points in mind, I have listed my favorite active project renderings...(some of the following may have been slightly enhanced by myself, but I'm basing my selection on the original rendering as presented on-line).


The Dream Hotel.....by far and away my favorite rendering. And one of my favorite projects. I always judge a completed building as to whether the rendering was better than the reality or vice versa and this one is a tie. Both rendering and reality are spectacular.



The Brian Paul.....Holy Cow this is wonderful. It and the other drawings are absolutely perfect for giving the scope, details, and basic function of the proposed properties. And it appears to be hand drawn giving a 'Hollywood Hills film noir' look.



Airport: this rendering checks a lot of boxes. The presentation and perspective is awesome. You can see all the important elements in the rendering and they are presented with crisp detail.



The Moore; named after Elvis's guitar player who had a studio on this lot, this office building begins with a sense of quirkiness which is reflected in its architecture. This is a screen cap from an architectural video, but I still consider it a rendering. I love the street view perspective and establishment. The round stop sign grates my traffic engineer nerves, however.



Gulch Union: Great establishment, perspective, detail and eye candy appeal. I love the sunset effect.



The latest Grand Hyatt rendering is beautiful. Overall, Gresham and Smith has done a great job in presenting the Nashville Yards project in good detail.



5th+Broad Apartments; I cropped this, but you can see it also checks all boxes to the extent that you get the reflection of the Alliance Bernstein building in the façade. There are many great renderings of this project from all kinds of perspectives.



This perspective is beautiful with the bridge in the foreground. I wish the cladding was shown in better detail and finish. 



ONE CITY: If I was building a project, I would want to present it like this. I hope it gets built.



And another favorite, Asurion Offices; There a lot of great renderings of this project, but this one is a glamour pic of the building and how it ties into The Gulch and downtown



There are several honorable mentions including Broad West, Capitol View, and The Eleventh House Hotel.

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I think the Moore is under construction, if I'm not mistaken. I really want that one to happen, either way. Also, re: Gulch Union, what is is that's currently underway? Is it the residential building or both the residential and office towers or all of it?

Because I just love that Gulch Union rendering!

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The Gulch Union office building is underway, but the apartments and hotel are to start at a later date. I went by the Moore site and there is no evidence any work being done. There are couple of signs put up recently.

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