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Hydrail between Charlotte and Raleigh


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3 hours ago, CLTranspo said:

Anecdotally I take the Amtrak for work from Charlotte to Raleigh about once a month, as does my boss and a few others in Raleigh going the opposite way. It’s much more convenient because we’re able to work during the train ride, and it’s usually cheaper than getting a rental car even with an Uber/Lyft for the final part of the trip. Not to mention driving on 85 and 40 can be pretty stressful and unreliable. 

Exactly.  I live in San Diego and occasionally go up to L.A. to visit friends.  I've driven and I've also taken Amtrak.  I much prefer Amtrak where I can just relax, and look out the window at all the cars we're passing, stuck in traffic on the freeway.

3 hours ago, queensguy06 said:

 I don't see a lot of use for the pleasure travel side of this as it would almost certainly require renting a car to get around either Raleigh or Charlotte.  And at that point why would you just not drive anyway?


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So to summarize, this is clickbait copyright violation of a pr piece that the Statesville Record did almost 6 months ago. I haven't seen any hard news that NCDOT has actually committed to do anything. At this point they are reporting that NCDOT plans to meet with the federal government to discuss the concept of hydrail. Anyone know if anything has actually happened?

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Re NC’s hydrail beginning, this has been underway since about 2003.  Search: “mooresville hydrail initiative”


While it is unique in the USA, Germany, China, the UK and most recently France are moving rapidly to supplant diesel and stem further investment in 19th century overhead electrification.

Re my involvement, search:  hydrail AND stan

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