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Ditto Residential Tower, 19 stories, 131 units, 15 Music Square West


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Yep. The first time I stayed there was after a party at the Masquerade in  1998, I was blown away by that atrium.

(Some moron was hanging on a hot water pipe in the basement of the venue and forced us to evacuate the building  at 6am... at least two hours before the party was scheduled to end. Talk about a literal buzz kill...)

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20 minutes ago, TheRaglander said:

Reminds me, in a much smaller scale, to the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta.  Has anyone been in this hotel?   It’s absolutely stunning on the inside.  



I’ve never been there but the interior was prominently featured in the 1986 film Manhunter, directed by Michael Mann. Excellent movie, and the use of architecture actually plays a large role in the mood of the film. Mann is known for using architecture, color filters, music, and scenery to create moods for his films. 

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They also filmed a part of Spiderman in it too where Vulture was crashing down.  It was seen in the trailer but never used in the movie.   Given the movie incentives from Georgia, a ton of movies are made in and around this area.  (Keeping up with the Jones and Cock Blockers were filmed at the Hyatt next door to the Marriott)


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We stayed in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis a couple years ago. It's a pretty awesome interior; especially while enjoying a drink at the bar. We stayed on one of the higher floors, so the walkway from the elevator shaft to the walkway with the rooms would be a bit terrifying for someone afraid of heights. 

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William Williams at The Post has confirmed what we have suspected for over 3 years now...this project is scrapped.  Ditto had been under contract to buy the land, but withdrew a while ago. 

Martin Ditto, CEO and founder of the company, emailed the Post Monday that the project will not materialize, citing the rising cost of construction materials as a factor.

More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


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