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10 hours ago, EllAyyDub said:

I'd been hearing the signature "who cooks for you" x2 for the past few weeks, but finally caught a glimpse of my newest neighbor last night.  (S)he is a barred owl (not to be confused with the barn owl), and hopefully hasn't met the family of rabbits that lives in my side yard.



I’m originally from Western NC and have never seen so many Barred Owls as I do here in Charlotte. Some nights I can hear 3 or 4 of them at a time in my neighborhood. They are the noisiest of the four owls we have in the Charlotte area. One night, when I worked in Fort Mill, I got on 77 N and was heading towards Charlotte. I got up to about 65 mph, and BAM - a kamikaze barred owl smashed into my windshield. Talk about a huge shock.. 


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a fellow UPer asked me to start this off and I think @QCxpat had a good idea.  The world and sometimes this forum is full of negativity lets start a topic we can all can like and enjoy.  So next time

Years ago I walked out of my apartment one Saturday morning to find this happy dude doing his thing. He hung out for several minutes, munching away, before flying off with his prize.

Today I was in a bit of a melancholy mood. Today was my last full day with my dog Sarah. No she's not being put down, she's very healthy. But today is the last day she will be mine.   In the last

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^That's horrible!  With that kind of force, I'm sure the owl didn't survive.  An interesting tidbit I learned at the Carolina Raptor Center (you all should go if you've never been), never throw your apple cores, banana peels, etc., from your car window.  This may not be littering in the traditional sense, but the fruit attracts mice near the roadways, which in turn attracts birds of prey.  These birds swoop in to grab the mice and BAM! :tw_astonished:

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In bird vehicle disasters I had mine own.  On SC 462 crossing the marshes and pine forests of the Lowcountry I see ahead some turkey vultures feasting a dead animal in the road.  I kept waiting and waiting for them to fly off all did but one who started to fly off as approached and for a brief second I saw his total wingspan on my windshield and I had to drive all the way back to NC with a cracked windshield.  I could barely see out the window it was terrible.  The fate of the bird and his bite not sure.  (I don't take  that route now as it is too wild plus it has wild hogs and gators nearby and I definitely don't want to hit on them)

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a dog which I have seen before playing on the beach at Hilton Head this morning.  A mollusk and he/she was alive too when I walked by and my shadow passed over he/she retreated back into the shell.  #SaltLife Last photo I call Taking Flight. 






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and my contribution to the new subthread Crabs across Carolina

from Hilton Head island

couple of fiddler or blue crabs along the beach not sure which

Horseshoe crab and if you ever seen one turned over gently pick up by the tail and toss back in the ocean these magnificent creatures have lived since prehistorical times and harmless to people. sometime they get stuck up on the beach during tidal changes and sometimes upside down






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continuing my subthread here is the Birds of the Carolinas subthread.  All from Hilton Head. 

1.2. Blue heron looking for lunch in tidal creek  3. 4.  Pelican on calm ocean and pelican in flight.   5. various shore birds.  6. 7. shrimp boat (as you the shrimp boating scenes from Forrest Gump were filmed in Beaufort County SC)   8.9. white egret in marsh creek

This last guy at GA welcome center wanted me to buy a box of chocolates I said "Son, in this Georgia heat they would be liquid" 












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found these old photos today.  From 2011 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Clingmans Dome Road.  This is the best of bear photos I have ever taken.

family of black bears residing on NC side of the park. 




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an elusive rabbit that lives in my front yard.  The very click sound of my camera gets him or her running to hide.   and this rabbit comes out only in the early evening at dusk. 

Photo 2 he hears my click of my camera and sets off running LOL. 




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at my friend's suburban Charleston home and her neighborhood is a deer sanctuary as rapid development all around have trapped the deer into her heavily wooded large lot neighborhood. Most of her neighbors love the deer.  

white egret in nearby Bulls Bay. 

IMG_2078 (2).JPG

IMG_2081 (2).JPG


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