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Oracle in Nashville: 8,500 jobs, 1,200,000 sq. ft. of space, $1.2B Investment

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1 minute ago, DDIG said:

Good clarification. Interesting how the tables have turned and now Cooper is pushing econ deals, I vaguely think I remember Mendes criticizing Cooper at the time for not engaging in economic development. Mendes went from a very sharp budget hawk to... I guess  something he thinks he needs to be to pick up the votes needed to be Mayor.

Mendes and O’Connell both (fairly) criticized Cooper for not staffing the ECD department.

I used to be fairly open to Mendes running for higher office, but have quickly soured on him in recent weeks. 

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Coming right along...  Headline: Exclusive: Oracle Corp.'s purchase contract for massive River North tech hub confirmed https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2021/04/07/oracle-river-nor

Oracle plans on opening a Nashville office that will employ up to 3,000 people and seeking office space of 800,000 square feet.  The location would most likely be somewhere in the central core (CBD, S

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1 hour ago, Binbin98 said:

Probably not but again if metro council continues with their ‘no growth for Nashville’ mantra then there will be a day where a company backs out

A lot of those clowns are actually auditioning for a top position at Oracle. It's a weird kind of psychology that insecure politicians use when they want to push their power around. Surprisingly, it has worked many times. 

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I hope you guys are not expecting this to be a short meeting. Oracle is the 32nd item on the agenda and number 7 will have a lot of debate as this has to do with the solid waste facility in North Nashville. Expect this meeting to go into the wee hours of the morning. I for one will just wait for the results tomorrow, but I have no doubt it will pass due to the number of co-sponsors. Also number 33 has to do with the Cleveland/Grace street extension associated with the project as well.

Meeting Agenda (legistar.com)

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Honestly zoning is what helps context around a city. Areas would be so piecemealed if zoning was not in place that Tony G. would build his Paramount in Five Points while Highwoods a new tallboy out in Bellevue. I will agree that SFH exclusive so close to downtown (inside of Briley honestly) will increase property value BUT that is only because our city is not big enough to take that step. Zoning is an ebb and flow game that a city needs to play. Affordability is an extremly hard part of that game. The fact that the state outlawed inclusionary zoning may be the dumbest argument after the flat earth arguement. The supply/demand, zoning arguements that claim they are hampering housing unit growth or are increasing gentrification is laughable because it is not as cut & dry as that.

I also moved here partially because Nashville is an affordable city compared to others.

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2 minutes ago, samsonh said:

So zoning laws create homelessness? Houston should have no homeless then.

Zoning raises the price of housing by restricting the supply of housing - thus those people who are *marginally* homeless are in that situation due to zoning.  The key word here is *marginally*.  Meaning - those who are just barely unable to afford housing.  Some people are well below that level and even after zoning is removed they will still be homeless.

Actually, you do me a great favor by bringing up Houston.  Even though the city population is more than 3-times the size of Nashville, the average home price is lower according to this list [you have to scroll down, it is alphabetical]:


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