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Childress Klein/Ram South End Tower - Lowe's anchored (23 floors - 357')


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^Agreed.  Someone mentioned a page or two previously that the south side of the building looks like 300 S Brevard St, and now that's all I see when I look at this tower's backside.  There is quite the contrast going on depending on your angle of approach.  He looks good coming at you, but just meh walking away...

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42 minutes ago, Mgelbach said:

I had a talk with someone, I’ll be taking a tour of this tower once it’s %100 complete! So excited to see the interior!

has that peeling of the paint been fixed yet?  and if you need someone to carry your camera bag on that tour I am available. 

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16 hours ago, KJHburg said:

Can't wait to see these retail spaces fill up at the Lowes Tech tower.  Oh yeah the paint issue on the exposed steel beams has been corrected I am happy to report.  Today.  Still one of my favorite towers anywhere in town.  CK does great work as does Spectrum! 









I still wish they had buried the parking rather than having a deck hanging off the back. If only we had a UDO that didn't have parking minimums and a building code that didn't allow for any more parking decks.

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They were actually painting this morning when I was headed into work!

What's crazy is they're still around 10-11 months away from completions. I never realized how long it took to build a tower when you're working with interiors and exteriors!

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