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These big projects can't keep happening, but  yet they do.  A  site plan was filed this week for a 48-Story residential/hotel project located at 90 Rainey.  This should be another 550' to 600' project.  That seems to be the new height ceiling.  But there is one big negative with this project.  It is replacing the Container Bar in the Rainey St. Entertainment District.



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The developer officially announced this project today and released a rendering.  It's about half hotel and half apartments.  They purposely left out a lot of towers in the skyline to make it standout more.  Boo.  Anyway, it gained three floors and will take out two bars on Rainey St.  But the developer stated that he hopes the Container Bar will move into the first floor of this project while the second bar moves into the second floor.  It's the fifth tower of about 600' proposed for the Rainey area.


Austin Business Journal


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More info including some elevations were posted to the city's utilities website today.  This gained a little height, and looks to be about 615'.



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