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On 8/21/2022 at 12:12 AM, apaladin said:

Where are all these people coming from that can afford 1500-3000 a month rent? Not just talking about downtown. 

My days as a tenant are years ago, but if landlords still want annual income equal to 45x a month’s rent, then someone making $67,500 could afford a $1,500/month apartment and someone making $135,000 could afford a $3,000/month one.

Plenty of white-collar jobs pay those amounts.  And someone relocating to Greenville from, say, San Francisco or even plenty of mid-sized cities would view $1,500 as shockingly inexpensive.

For $3,000 a month in Greenville, I’d expect a nice-looking building.

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16 hours ago, GVLover said:


$2300 - studio

$2700  1 br

$3700 2 br

$3700 3 br, 2 ba



I just checked the prices for the two large apartment building next to this one. And these prices you are quoting are way higher than 400 Rhett and Link on the order of almost double.

I understand how Deca might be able to get away with these prices being so centrally located among other things, but this building is farther away and a lot bigger. 

Also just checked the 408 Jackson to see if it was just a new apartment thing but no it's prices were more in line with the other two I mentioned.

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