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NEUHOFF PLANT DEVELOPMENT, 14 stories, 6-7 stories, 650,000 sq. ft. office, 175,000 sq. ft. retail, 550 apts, 50 hotel rooms, 2,000 car internal garage, $500+ million

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New renderings show the north office block at 14 stories at its apex; the south residential block will be 8 stories; the NW residential block looks to be 7 stories.   

More renderings and some additional details beyond what was shared in my March 11th post: - Total cost will be north of $500 million. - S9 Architecture and Engineering is also involved with

Developer Jim Irwin of New City told the Nashville Post yesterday regarding the fire last week that a couple of areas of the building received minimal damage. “But there was no significant structural

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It's a really cool place.  As I've mentioned before, I did a day-long photo shoot there with a band I managed about 10 years ago...and the whole place has that really cool "grunge" that every city needs.  Kinda reminiscent of Marathon...but way more grungy and edgy.  Could turn out to be a great addition to that area.

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Everything you've shared about this project sounds fantastic.  A great place to live, work and play.  Connection to the city's history.  All the boxes get checked here.

I'm especially excited about another pedestrian bridge across the Cumberland.  That has tremendous possibilities for the future of downtown.

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41 minutes ago, Craiger said:

They showed renderings in a public meeting, and asked that none be released to... the public?

I think they wanted to have high quality as opposed to us just snapping pics of what they had on easels.  Also, they wanted to send us some more specs, etc in an official press release.  

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The pedestrian bridge was proposed by the folks doing the River North project so I guess it is still in play and that is why they brought it up. My head hurts from all that is happening in Nashville right now. Besides with all that is proposed on the West Bank and the East bank with River North, it makes it that much more unlikely that the North Trinity project will get started in my lifetime and for those of you in your fifties may not be in your life time either.

Lots will have to happen in Nashville for all this stuff to get underway and built out in the next twenty years just in River North. That is a long term investment.

Even the Neuhoff project will be probably a five year buildout and with six hundred thousand square feet in office space to fill, it will take steam out of other announced projects elsewhere.

Dont get me wrong, as I am not being a naysayer to everything,  just the Trinity North project as that area has tremendous hurdles to overcome before projects like Neuhoff. Serious investors with serious money. 

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SAP. Paramount. Nashville Yards. 5th & Broadway. Gateway. 


This just jumped to perhaps my favorite project in Nashville. Viewing from the east with RMH on the left and this on the right is really going to be impressive. What an incredible project.

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      RDJ was pretty darn close! Love all that retail. And agree with what atlvr said below, wish there was hotel but you almost gotta figure there will be a phase 2.
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