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Charlotte Crane Count


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6 hours ago, grodney said:

I created this a few years ago and somebody (not me) has been updating it.  I think.  It's open to all for collaborative editing.




That's pretty awesome.

Add the Ellis to the list. That crane is being added now.

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13 hours ago, UptownGottie said:

This thread needs some more attention. Charlotte isn't being recognized for the amount of active cranes this city has!!They're almost 20 between Uptown and Southend.


I’d love a new total count if anyone has the info.  Including all Charlotte Neighborhoods.  I’m sure we’re closer to 30 now or by the end of this weekend.  

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8 minutes ago, Havemercy said:

Marriott at UNCC - 1 crane

Park Road - 1  crane

25 now.

Placing this in the proper thread

Let's count.  These are for tower cranes, not boom cranes.

Uptown:  Marriott - 1 crane, 2LU - 1 crane, 3LU - 1 crane, FNB - 1 crane, Fed Courthouse - 2 cranes, 500 W Trade - 2 cranes, Intercontinental - 1 crane, Ellis - 3 cranes.   12 cranes total

Southend: Broadstone - 1 crane, Spectrum - 2 cranes, Lowes - 1 crane.   4 cranes total

Midtown - Novant - 1 crane, CPCC - 2 cranes, Pappas - 1 crane  4 cranes total

Optimist Park - Ulta Purl - 1 crane

South Park - Apex - 2 cranes

University City - Marriott - 1 crane

Park Road - 1 crane

So far that's 25 cranes around town.  Where are some others?  Montford? Ballantyne? Airport?  I'm sure there's a few more scattered around.

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while I posting some photos in Nashville someone there posted Nashville has more 10 story buildings under construction than Charlotte.    They said they had 18 ten story or more buildings.  

I came up with 15 here in Charlotte.  Let me know if I missed anything.  They said 10 story which is fairly for Charlotte. 

1.  Duke Metro 41  2. FNB 29   3. Ellis by Lennar 33  4.  Ally Center 26  5. JW Marriott 22 6. Deliotte LU 2 18 7. Honeywell LU3 23  8. Lowes Tech tower 23 (which by the way is taller than the new Amazon tower going up in Nashville)  9.  Lendingtree Spectrums Vantage 11 10.  Intercontinental hotel 32 11.  Bohemian hotel  (15?)  12. new Ballantyne office 11 13.  Hawk 13 stories 14.  Square at West and South Tryon 10  15.  500 West Trade 14 apartments        How tall is the Apex it is 10 stories I think?  also the Liberty southpark maybe 10 I forget.  

did I forget any?  We all know our buildings tend to be much taller like Duke Metro is taller than anything built or under way in Nashville.  

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