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One Beale (new) | Hyatt Centric hotel, Caption by Hyatt hotel, apartments

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Since this project has changed so drastically over the last year—and has finally broken ground—I think it's appropriate to start a new thread.

Long-awaited One Beale project begins

The CA recently published an in-depth look at One Beale's tumultuous past: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2019/03/29/one-beale-memphis-downtown-development-chance-carlisle/3167567002/

One Beale site plan:


Hyatt Centric:


The Landing at One Beale apartments:


Press release from Carlisle, LLC:



MEMPHIS, Tenn. (July 24, 2018) – Carlisle, LLC announced today that the highly-anticipated One Beale development has selected its partners and plans to start construction in January 2019. 

Originally envisioned by the late Gene Carlisle in 2004, One Beale will break ground on its transformative downtown riverfront development. Since the initial announcement, One Beale has expanded to include the historic Ellis Machine Shop buildings recently acquired by Carlisle as part of an overall two-year plan redesign. 

Today, with over 5.5 riverfront acres, Carlisle has master planned its new Beale St. riverfront development at Beale Street as a mixed-use, multi-parcel development comprising of a hotel, residential, retail and office spaces, along with a public parking garage. Preliminary financials value the total development at $225 million, with the first phase estimated at $130 million starting in January. 

One Beale will serve as a gateway to the sports and entertainment district of Beale Street, connecting Memphis’ world class but underdeveloped riverfront to one of America’s most iconic streets. 

“My dad had a saying that ‘people and cities define themselves by their buildings, and as a native Memphian, I could not be prouder of what One Beale says about our city’s culturally rich past and our promising future,” said Chance Carlisle, CEO of Carlisle, LLC. 

Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced its plans to develop a Hyatt Centric hotel. This boutique hotel brand is built in the hearts of vibrant, world-renowned gateway cities such as Tokyo, Miami, San Francisco and New Orleans — and now, Memphis. The full-service, four-star Hyatt Centric hotel will host 227 rooms, along with 15,000 square feet of conference and meeting space on famed Beale Street, and will include the renovation of historic Ellis Machine Shop as part of its conference center. The hotel will feature a new riverfront restaurant, outdoor pool  plaza and rooftop lounge with amazing views of downtown and the Mississippi River. Hyatt Hotels will be a 50 percent joint venture owner of the hotel and manage the hotel through a long-term management agreement. 

Carlisle will also be developing a separate, mixed-use residential apartment building that will offer 227 high-end living spaces for families and individuals, contributing to the ever-growing, in-demand residential real estate of Downtown Memphis. Construction on this building will begin in conjunction with the Hyatt Centric and will offer up to 15,000 square feet of office space as well as approximately 10,000 square feet of riverfront restaurant space. This downtown destination fulfills multiple purposes as a space to live, work and eat. 

As part of Phase 2, Highwoods Properties is seeking to develop 200,000–400,000 square feet of Class A office development at 1 Beale St., the development’s most prestigious address. The company is working with the Memphis Chamber of Commerce and Carlisle to secure an  “anchor tenant” with construction contingent on finding a large office customer. 

Building on the success of Catherine and Mary’s at The Chisca, Carlisle is teaming up again with Memphis Culinary trendsetters Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman to open the downtown core’s first riverfront restaurant. These two James Beard nominated chefs have crafted immensely popular restaurant experiences at their other eateries, such as the Gray Canary and Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. 

In addition to the retail, living and working spaces of One Beale, Carlisle plans to include a seven-story parking garage with 475 parking spots to serve the entire riverfront neighborhood. Funded by the Downtown Parking Authority, the garage will begin construction along with the multifamily, mixed-use building. 

During construction, Younger Associates estimates that the first Phase 1 of One Beale will produce nearly 1,484 full time jobs over its two year construction timeframe and have an economic impact of $294 million dollars to the region. The City of Memphis and Shelby County will collect in excess of $1.8 million dollars of tax revenue.  

Once the development reaches stabilized occupancy, One Beale will create 423 full time equivalent jobs generating $11.3 million dollars in local wages and $2.25 million per year in additional city/county tax revenue.  

General contractors for the project will be announced toward the end of this year. Completion of the first phase of the project is scheduled for late 2020. 
For more information about One Beale, please visit carlislecorp.com . 



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LOL, is that The Beatles I see there walking down the Abbey Road (err.. MLK crosswalk)? 

Im liking the look with the white metal and black windows. 

Posted Images

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One Beale reveals rental rates, restaurants, timeline, and new renderings




At Tuesday's groundbreaking event for One Beale's first and second phases, the developers provided new architectural renderings and updated the public on their plans for rental rates, restaurants, and a development timeline.

Lead developer Chance Carlisle also made the case for more apartment developers to launch projects near One Beale.

Downtown has a serious dearth of "true Class A" apartments, which is holding back the area's growth, Carlisle said. With its restaurant, pool, riverfront views, and top-class construction, Carlisle expects One Beale's 230-unit apartment complex to break local records for rental rates.



Hyatt vice president of development Stephen Kallaher said the 227-room hotel is set to feature a large ground-floor restaurant and rooftop whiskey bar


Hyatt Centric ground-floor restaurant and bar


Hyatt Centric rooftop whiskey bar


In the project's third phase, the former Ellis Machine Shop buildings will be transformed into conference and meeting space for the hotel.


The hotel has been designed with staggered windows, which are meant to suggest music notes when viewed from afar


The Landing apartments at One Beale

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This seems such a major downgrade for the entire One Beale project.  I know the project has  been stalled for several years, but wasn’t it supposed to be two tallish towers with great views of the riverfront?  The architectural design also leaves much to be desired, especially the multi-colored illuminated windows.  Very disappointing for such a prime riverfront piece of real estate. 

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57 minutes ago, dxfret said:

This seems such a major downgrade for the entire One Beale project.  I know the project has  been stalled for several years, but wasn’t it supposed to be two tallish towers with great views of the riverfront?  The architectural design also leaves much to be desired, especially the multi-colored illuminated windows.  Very disappointing for such a prime riverfront piece of real estate. 

Look at the first image at the top of this thread and you'll see that the hotel is not replacing the tower. The site plan still leaves room for the construction of a tower and additional hotel. While I agree that this isn't as flashy as the original two-tower proposal, it sure beats a surface parking lot.

Your negativity toward Memphis throughout this forum is frustrating to say the least. I'm all for acknowledging Memphis' shortcomings and challenges — there are plenty. But you can't deny the growth and momentum the city is experiencing. Let's enjoy that.

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5 hours ago, dxfret said:

This seems such a major downgrade for the entire One Beale project.  I know the project has  been stalled for several years, but wasn’t it supposed to be two tallish towers with great views of the riverfront?  The architectural design also leaves much to be desired, especially the multi-colored illuminated windows.  Very disappointing for such a prime riverfront piece of real estate. 

To start the hotel is beautiful, lets remember many of the top state Architecture prizes go to Memphis projects, also the  apartments are catered to 6 figure incomes an area that is not really fulfilled in Memphis.  The idea is if those see pretty well it will dictate what type of building goes in the river spot where the office tower is proposed.  My thoughts will most likely be a condo/office tower as there are 0 condos being built.  And there was an article about a huge demand a few months ago.  As for the hotel if you look the other direction it faces front street which has a very nice vibrancy and faces beale.  It opens to a huge parking lot which the city has a RFP out on now.  Lets understand that Memphis will go vertical, the building at least requires a tower crane.  Both the Clipper office building and Loews Hotel will be 19 floors giving the height we have all been waiting for.  The clipper aims to break ground before Christmas as fedex is almost complete with negotiations and the Loews hotel aims to break ground between February and June.  Lets also not forget union row will be starting construction or at least demolition next month.  Plus a 20 story hotel is under construction across the river in west Memphis pics will be coming soon on that.  Great momentum one project leads to the next.  Many developers are waiting to see the outcome of the 1 beale apartments before the condo boom.  I am an architect working downtown btw and I would like to let all know there are significant projects being designed and this city is definitely growing so lets keep it positive.

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This is great but I do hope we see something taller in the future.

One Beale adds second hotel to its plans




There's a new major component to the One Beale development.

On Dec. 4, the Downtown Memphis Commission's (DMC) Design Review Board is set to approve plans for a 120-room boutique hotel just south of the One Beale Hyatt Centric hotel that's currently being built.

At nine stories, the hotel is set to be taller than the 230-room Hyatt. It is set to rise above the main part of the Wm. C. Ellis & Sons building — a site that was previously set to just contain retail, restaurants, and meeting space, according to plans released in November 2018.

The Ellis building's facade will be preserved to "elevate the facade to the status of artifact," according to the application by HBG Design, the project's architect. The tower will be built with brick.

There would be a courtyard between the front of the tower and the existing Ellis facade and a pedestrian plaza just west of the building.



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It's not a huge jump in height, but at least it isn't shrinking:

One Beale may grow taller




The boutique hotel planned for One Beale may grow by one floor and 12 guestrooms.

Carlisle Development Company will seek approval from the Design Review Board on Wednesday, Feb. 5, to raise the height of the planned boutique hotel by one level, from the currently planned nine stories to 10.

The change means the boutique hotel would be one floor taller than One Beale’s nine-floor Hyatt Centric hotel, which is already under construction next door at the southwest corner of Beale and Front.



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Hyatt Hotel






One Beale Apartments








This final view is where the building turns the corner and the garage and apartments cross the street and go to front street.  This building is going to be quite large when finished.  The garage and rooftop pool are the concrete structures being constructed of concrete in the middle


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20 hours ago, VSRJ said:

I'm from Memphis, and I can't tell. Judging by the arrangement of the windows in the first pic, that appears to be the Hyatt Centric. The second photo looks more like the apartment building.

Sorry but I posted this photo under the one beale heading, that is what it is for.  I guess ill be more specific next time.

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